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We keep company with some of Canada's most prestigious business groups. Whether it is through speaking engagements addressing the corporate world or entrepreneurs -- to actively being engaged at the executive level in networking associations that cater to evolving business owners and decision makers -- we consider ourself honoured to stay current through continued interaction. Below is a highlight of some of our more prolific affiliations.
UnitedSucces is a worldwide network for established women entrepreneurs. The members are personally selected from all continents. The cultural and business diversity provides access to extraordinary knowledge. markets and partnerships. Individually and together we make a difference, create impact and grow.
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Diana is the National Spokesperson for The Lending Journey. a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the working poor in Latin America.

It provides small loans to Women Entrepreneurs, to start or expand a business. Diana frequently visits the projects and works closely with The Lending Journey to develop and leverage the stories of the people they help.
Main Site: http://www.davidjonathan.ca/
Diana's Profile: http://www.davidjonathan.ca/page.php?page=26

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