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Frequently we receive email inquiries, or are asked at business events, many of these same questions that are on the minds of a number of our prospects. Below is our position on these points, but if you would like further clarification on any one of them (or one of your own) do feel free to contact us directly, as we'll do our very best to ensure your question is answered to your satisfaction.

Q. What do you mean by packaging my story and what impact will it have on my business?

A. Your story is about what truly differentiates you from all the other businesses doing similar things. You need to package it into something special to attract your ideal customer. The result can both enhance and transform your business.

Q. What is and how important is my elevator pitch?

A. Your elevator pitch is how you describe your business in 30 to 45 seconds. It is like the canary in the mine. If you don't have a good elevator pitch, you probably don't know what your story is and you haven't packaged your business.

Q. What is the difference between a story and a brand?

A. Your story comes first. If you have developed a great story and people are all telling your story, your business will start to develop a brand. We can help you accelerate the process and refine your story in order to position your business as a desirable option in the eyes of your prospects.

Q. How do I know what marketing tools will work best for my business?

A. You don't -- until you develop your story, and then we can help you choose the right marketing tools that will work best for your business.

Q. All businesses need a website, right?

A. If you are running a business, your website is one of the best places to tell your story. The problem is, many businesses create their website before they know what their story is, and then wonder why it is not working for them.

Q. Is this like PR?

A. PR and media relations can be powerful marketing tools for some businesses, but as a journalist, I saw most press releases that crossed my desk end up in the garbage. Most businesses don't have a story that would get on the evening news, but I have never met a business that didn't have a great story they could market directly to their customer. They just need to find it, package it and then watch their business grow.

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