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Diana Bishop's New Book: Now, after more than two decades in Canadian media, Diana Bishop looks back on her grandfather's legacy and its profound influence over her life, and also her father's -- the only son of Billy Bishop, who had so much to live up to. Living Up to a Legend is a fascinating read that covers Billy Bishop s legacy through the eyes of one of the people who it affected the most. Available HERE at Amazon.ca.
[ Diana on location in China ]

Diana Bishop has been telling the great stories of World Events, Statesmen, Leaders and Businesses as a professional journalist with some of the most respected broadcast networks on the planet.

Now, Diana can do the same for you or your business through The Success Story Program™.

Think of how exciting and unique it would be to have the story of your success packaged and written by Diana Bishop. To start the adventure, simply explore our site to see what Diana has done for others, then, when you are ready, contact Diana today.

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